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Twelve is an online community that was initially created by a group of school friends as a World of Warcraft guild. Over time it grew not only as a guild, but also as a community where guild mates became friends. Friends who kept in touch even after they stopped playing WoW.

We pride ourselves on not taking a serious approach to gaming or life, and having a good time while doing it. We know what makes games fun and that is the people you play them with. Twelve extended itself outwards and infiltrated other games. Our forums became a hive of activity touching on topics ranging from discussion about the latest natural disaster to hypotheticals about ice cubes and treadmills. We meet up in real life at least once a year and have a blast by replacing video games with booze which always brings about a strange and memorable turn of events.

Quite simply, you will not be able to find another community like Twelve. Unknowingly, we somehow discovered the perfect balance between gaming, derp and lemon party to carve out a corner of the internet and make it our own.

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